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Roll Call Captain Brendan J Joyce {Big Bird} -

Brendan John Joyce enlisted in to the Army Air Corps (AAC) at Winchester in June 1989. After completing training he was posted to 651 Squadron (Sqn), 1 Regiment, AAC in Hildesheim, Germany.

He served on tours in Northern Ireland (Operation Banner), Cyprus (Uniited Nations), Bosnia (NATO and in Afghanistan with NATO ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) in 2003 and then on Herrick XIV.

Sergeant Major Joyce transferred to Army Reserves and joined 144 Parachute Medical Squadron RAMC (V) and commissioned in 2012.

In March 2017 Captain Joyce became 2iC (Second in Command), D Company, the 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (4 PARA).

As well as the Operations above Capt Joyce has served in Belgium, Belize, Canada, The Falkland Islands, France, Holland, Italy, Kenya, Norway, Portugal and the USA. 

By Wendy George

Listed Operations

2003 – 2007 Iraq (Operation Telic)
01/10/1969 – 01/07/2007 Northern Ireland (Operation Banner)
01/04/2011 – 01/09/2011 Afghanistan (Op Herrick XIV)

Airborne Forces service history

1989-1992 Air Trooper, 651 Sqn, 1 Regt AAC
1992-1995 655 Sqn, 5 Regt, AAC, (Lance Corporal)
1998-2000 668 (Trg) Sqn, 2 Regt AAC , (Corporal)
2000-2005 669 Sqn, 4 Regiment AAC, (Sergeant)
2005-2007 25 Flt AAC, BATSUB, Belize, (Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant)
2007-2009 676 Sqn, 2 Regt AAC , (Squadron Sergeant Major)
2009-2012 HQ Sqn, 4 Regiment AAC, (Sergeant-Major)
2013-2017 144 Parachute Medical Squadron RAMC (V), (Captain)
2017 Second-in-Command (2-i-c) D Company, The 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment (4 PARA), (Captain)

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