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Roll Call Guardsman T Taylor

Guardsman T Taylor served with Coldstream Guards. He joined 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards in January 1956 and served in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) during five years, including three spent as a Regimental Medic at the Guards Depot, Pirbright from 1957 to 1961.

He transferred to No 1 Guards Independent Parachute Company in early 1961 and served a year and a half with the Coy, including deployment to Singapore in 1962.

He remains active in the veterans community, as part of Guards Parachute Association.

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Airborne Forces service history

1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards, (Guardsman)
1956-1961 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards, (Guardsman)
1961-1962 No 1 (Guards) Independent Parachute Company, (Guardsman)

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