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Roll Call Sergeant Jason Connolly {Billy}

Service History

Joined 10 PARA at Redan Road, Aldershot in December 1994 and received security clearance and an Army number in July 1995. 

Passed P Company in October 1995, completed half of the Basic Parachute Course in March 1996 (bad weather curtailed jumping) and finally earned my wings in September 1996.

Promoted to LCpl in 1998. 

Demoted to Pte in 1999 when 10 PARA was disbanded and became 10 Coy, 4 PARA.

Promoted to LCpl in 2001, Cpl in 2004 and Sgt in 2009.

Served on Operations in:

Kosovo - Section Commander, C Company, 1st Battalion The Staffordshire Regiment.

Bosnia - Joint Military Affairs team, 1st Battalion The Highlanders Battlegroup.

Op Oculus 2003.

Iraq - Op Telic 3 - G2 JNCO, 4 PARA.

Afghanistan - Op Herrick 8 - Mortar Platoon, Support Company, 3 PARA.

by Billy Connolly

Listed Operations

2003 – 2007 Iraq (Operation Telic)
01/04/2008 – 01/10/2008 Afghanistan (Operation Herrick VIII)

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