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Unit 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group (TA)

In 1956 the 16th Airborne Division (TA) was reduced to a single brigade group called the 44th Independent Parachute Brigade Group (TA).

The Brigade Group initially included five TA PARA Battalions:
10th (City of London),
12th (Yorkshire)
13th (Lancashire)
15th (Scottish) 
17th (Durham Light Infantry)

The 12th and 13th were shortly amalgamated after the Brigade's formation in October 1956.

By 1967 the Brigade had reduced further to three battalions, with the 4th Battalion emerging from an amalgamation of the 12th/13th and 17th Battalions.

The redesignated 44th Parachute Brigade Volunteers (V) consisted now of the 4th (V) Battalion with its HQ at Pudsey near Bradford, the 10th (V) centred on London and the 15th (SV) Battalion based in Glasgow with companies throughout Scotland; and 16th (Lincoln) Independent Company The Parachute Regiment (V). The Brigade was supported by its own integral Airborne Supporting Arms and Services.

In 1978 44th Parachute Brigade was disbanded as part of TA reductions.


1956-58 Brig PGF Young
1958-61 Brig JD Frost
1961-63 Brig AJ Deane-Drummond
1963-65 Brig GCA Gilbert
1965-68 Brig GR Flood MC
* Full list and decorations awaiting research.

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