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Unit 210 Airlanding Light Battery RA

210 Airlanding Light Battery RA formed part of the 53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment RA, which served as the main artillery support for 6th Airborne Division.

Along with 211 and 212 Batteries, 210 Battery became an Airborne unit when 53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment was redesignated as an Airlanding unit in 1943, armed with 75mm Pack Howitzers.

210 Battery took part in the Normandy campaign shortly after the initial landings as part of the seatail (due to a shortage of suitable transport on 5-6 June 1944). 210 Battery were eventually unloaded ashore in Normandy on 14 June 1944 and subsequently played a significant role in 'counter mortar' attacks in support of Airlanding infantry formations, of 1st Royal Ulster Rifles particularly. 210 Battery remained in Normandy until the majority of 6th Airlanding Brigade was finally withdrawn in early September 1944.

210 Battery later took part in the 6th Airborne deployment to the Ardennes, before returning to the UK in preparation for the Rhine Crossing (Op Varsity), launched on 24 March 1945. Prior to the operation, 210 Battery was divided up to help the 53rd economise on Battery staff, with A Troop attached to 211 Battery and B Troop joining 212 Battery. 1 Section, A Troop were assigned to a company from 12th Devons, with a portion deployed for the Sea Tail for the Operation. 210 Battery continued in the during Op Varsity and then proceeded through to the Baltic, deployed continuously until returning to Bulford in late May.

Along with the rest of 53rd Airlanding Light Regiment, 210 Battery was deployed to Palestine in September 1945. Initially intended as a temporary deployment before transit to the Far East, 210 Battery subsequently remained with 6th Airborne Division in Palestine until 1947.

At this point, the reorganisation of the Royal Artillery saw 53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment become 33rd Airborne Light Regiment RA on 1 April 1947. 210 Battery absorbed the history and honours of 40 Field Battery RA, and was renumbered 82 Airborne Light Battery RA

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Battery Commanders

Maj The Hon C Russell 1943-44
Maj GW Culley MC 1945

Further reading

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