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Unit 16th Parachute Battalion (TA)

The original 16th Parachute Battalion was formed from the 1st Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment in January 1945 in India. It was originally part of the newly formed 77th (Indian ) Parachute Brigade belonging to 44th (Indian) Airborne Division.

Following the Japanese surrender the Division was reorganised and relocated in October and November 1945. It was also renamed 2 Indian Airborne Division.

At the end of 1945 decisions were taken on the future of 2 Indian Airborne Division, which eventually resulted in its reorganisation and 'nationalisation' in preparation for the independence of India.

The effect of the reorganisation was to result in all British troops being withdrawn from 2 Indian Airborne Division, including the 16th Parachute Battalion, and formed into the 6th (British) Independent Parachute Brigade although it remained under Divisional command.

The unit was disbanded in 1947, as a result of Indian independence, and reformed in the UK as the 16th (Welsh) Parachute Battalion (TA), belonging to the 6th Parachute Brigade of the 16th Airborne Division (TA).

It was re-designated 16 (Welsh) PARA (TA) in 1948 and eventually disbanded in October 1956.

Commanding Officers:
16th Parachute Battalion
1945           Lt Col PGF Young
1945-6        Lt Col AWE Daniell
1946-47      Lt Col PGF Young

16th (Welsh) Parachute Battalion TA/ 16 (Welsh) PARA (TA)
1947-8        Lt Col JT Bannantyne, DSO, MC.
1948-51      Lt Col BC Bradford, DSO, MC
1951-2        Lt Col FF Powell
1952-3        Lt Col DF Cunliffe, MC
1953-6        Lt Col WR Crawshaw

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