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Timeline Aden 1967 – 1 November 1967

In January 1967 1 PARA was sent to Aden to cover the final withdrawal of British troops from the South Arabian Peninsular. It was directed to prepare for ‘any contingency’, which might range from civil disorder to possible attack from Yemen.

The Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Walsh, established aggressive surveillance from fortified observation posts (OPs) covering the main thoroughfares in the highly volatile Sheik Othman and Al Mansura districts of Aden.  ‘Fort Walsh’ named after the CO typified the well defended strong-points established to contain serious outbreaks of armed violence during the running battles of the 1st June within the city and the later mutiny by the South Arabian Army and Police Force.

Life for the troops was an endless six month round of patrolling, cordon and search operations, running Observation Posts (OPs) and check-points. The task culminated in the protection of the final withdrawal on 27th November; a tour that resulted in the award of a DSO, MBE, an MM and 16 MIDs for the battalion group.

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