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The Bren Gun takes its name from Brno, the Czechoslovakian city where it was designed, and Enfield, the location of the British Royal Small Arms Factory. It was a series of light machine guns used by Britain in the 1930s and adopted in various roles until 1991.

It is best known for its role as the British forces' main infantry light machine gun (LMG) in World War Two, although it was also used in the Korean War and saw service during the Falklands War and the 1991 Gulf War.

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Operation Musketeer: Corporal Tony Lowe’s Story

On the 4th of November 1956 I was with 16th Independent Para Brigade HQ assembled in Cyprus 1956 and billeted just outside Nicosia on the Kyrenia road. I was aged 27 and had been in the Parachute Regiment already some 7 years...

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Written by Joe Lowe from Corporal Tony Lowe's verbal accounts

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