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Index 105mm Pack Howitzer

Built in Italy by OTO Melara and designated as the Model 56, the howitzer was adopted by the British Army in the early 1960s and was known as the L5 Pack Howitzer.

It was air portable and could be air dropped along with its crew and munitions. The L5 could be used in both the artillery role or the anti-tank role with a crew of seven and fired the stand ammunition types such as HEAT, HE, and illumination. Maximum effective range was 10,500 m.

Dissatisfaction with the ammunition and range led the British Army to accelerate development of the L118 Light Gun and the Pack Howitzer was withdrawn from in the early 1970s.

Ironically surplus howitzers were sold to the Argentine Army and a number were used against airborne forces during the Falklands conflict.

Calibre 105mm (4.3 inch)
Weight 1800Kg (3970 Ibs)
Elevation -7 to +65 degrees
Traverse 56 degrees
Rate of Fire 10 Rounds per minute
Maximum Range 10,500m


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